College of Energy, Environment & Sustainability
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"I always wanted to take up course in Green Building concepts and add value to my credentials, but could not find time to do so. Then I came across CEES courses, which I found suitable for me. The use of technology by CEES for providing flexible and study at home option are commendable. It has enabled me to take up courses during my free time." - Mohammed Nawaz

"One of the most important advantages of CEES is the excellent faculty who are knowledgeable and supportive. The online delivery of courses offers lot of flexibility and ease of use." - Cathy Barber

"The CEES course syllabus caters to the need to the industry. The professors are experienced professionals and hence the courses they have designed are industry/ application oriented. The contact classes / real time lectures are unique features of the CEES courses." - Anupama Joshi

"I have found the CEES Professors and the online learning feature to be fantastic, and the fact that assignments can be submitted online makes the process so easy and feasible." - Anthony Howard

"I have found the CEES course material to be comprehensive and informative. I have learnt a lot and really enjoyed my study. I had not studied for 15 years, before I started this course but with CEES course I did not face any discomfort." - Mr. K. Ranganathan

"I have gained tremendous knowledge and have begun to apply quite a lot already. I appreciate the program, it has been very beneficial to me." - Brenton James

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