College of Energy, Environment & Sustainability
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Refund Policy

In line with the the State of Delware refund policy, Bridging Nations College of Energy Environment and Sustainability will adhere to the following policy in terms of governing, calculating and issuing refunds.

The following summarizes our Refund Policy

Withdrawal occurs during: % of Tuition Refunded Student Receives
Within three working days/72 hrs 100% 100%
Week 1 91% 91%
Week 2 83% 83%
Week 3 75% 75%
Week 4 66% 66%
Week 5 58% 58%
Week 6 50% 50%
Week 7 42% 42%
Week 8 33% 33%

This Refund Policy complies with 14 Del.C. Ch. 85 minimum refund requirements (8505, 4). Detailed statement of the Refund Policy as per the Delaware submission can be viewed here.

If any course enrolled in by the student is discontinued by the College, which prevents the student from completing the course, all tuition and fees paid are then due for refund.

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