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Post Graduate Diploma Programs & Certificate Programs

The College of Energy, Environment & Sustainability has designed an innovative curriculum that facilitates easy access to the green job market. CEES transcends the limits of geography by disseminating skills and knowledge to an international audience, and in the process, revolutionizes how the world can approach higher education. Accomplished experts and professors from throughout the globe teach through interactive online classrooms and sessions. This renowned faculty gives students multiple global perspectives on how they and their countries' leaders are trying to solve energy and environmental crises.

In a traditional collegiate setting, students are expected to major in one area, whether it is business, science, engineering, politics or environmental studies. But the world's crises are calling for educated and trained workers who know more than just one limited area of study. Interdisciplinary knowledge has become vital.

Students will be awarded a Post Graduate Diploma after successful completion of any four individual certificate programs available in a Post Graduate Diploma program list. PG Diploma is a great option for recent college graduates who want to supplement their education, as well as working professionals who want to advance their careers. Our curriculum is specifically designed to prepare students for jobs in the energy, environment and sustainability sectors.

CEES offers the following post graduate diploma programs:

Energy Efficiency, Audit and Management

Non- Renewable Energy Resources Management
Principles of Energy Systems and Energy Conversion
New and Renewable Energy Sources
Energy Audit and Management - Part I

Energy ICT

Fundamentals of Energy Information and Communication Technologies
Energy Transmission, Distribution and the role of ICT
Smart Grids and Smart Meters

Green Building Architecture and Construction

Energy Efficiency in Green Buildings
Green Buildings: Technical criteria & Certification systems
Sustainable Built Environment
Environmental Impact Assessment
Life-Cycle ASsessment of Green Buildings

You can register for any single certificate program as well. Click here to see list of the certificate programs offered.