College of Energy, Environment & Sustainability
Building Skills for the Sustainable Knowledge Economy


The College of Energy, Environment and Sustainability takes learning to another level. With its innovative and convenient online programs, CEES gives students and working professionals the knowledge and skills to get, opportunity and career boost in the sustainable green tech industry.

CEES offers four post graduate diploma programs and more than 40 online, career-centric certificate courses in sustainable green technology. For the recent graduate or working professional, CEES courses provide students with the skills they need to climb to the top of the career ladder.

The best part about CEES? Students can learn when and where they want. The college tailors all of its courses for the busy working professional or student who is swamped with studying and papers.

In order to train our students, we have brought together a unique faculty. Because of the online nature of CEES, the college consists of professors from across the globe. And, although hundreds of miles away from each other, students and professors can still interact on a weekly basis. Each week, course instructors hold office hours online so that students can interact online about the course material. This global faculty not only educates students about the course, but it also incorporates a global perspective on the energy and environment issues affecting the world.

About Careers?

CEES strives to find job opportunities for its student. As a college focused on sustainable green tech courses, it helps students develop the knowledge and skills to address the growing demand for such manpower from Industry.

CEES provides the skills you need to succeed.